The aim of the project is to develop the competence of cultural awareness and expression through cultural heritage.


  • Get acquainted with the cultural heritage of the project partner countries and distinguish similarities and differences in the following fields: traditional handicrafts, customs and traditions, ethnographic buildings/ villages, national costumes, culinary heritage, folk songs, dances and musical instruments.
  • Organize seminars, discussions and workshops on how cultural heritage may affect adult education, enrollment, innovation, social and economical development.
  • Share good practices how cultural heritage in partner countries may help to develop adults entrepreneurial skills and be used as a means to establish business.
  • Improve the access to cultural heritage on-line by digitizing Nordic/Baltic cultural heritage through project partner best practice and innovation.
  • Prepare an educational digital material (CD) “Cultural heritage of the Nordic/Baltic countries”
  • Create recommendations to implement the best project partner experience in Nordic/Baltic countries.